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Board Members


John J. Coleman, Ph. D., Virginia, President

Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky, Brazil

Ed Moses, Missouri, Vice President, Secretary

Susie Dugan, Nebraska, Treasurer

Terrence P. Farley, Esq., New Jersey

Jeanette McDougal, Arkansas, Hemp Committee Chairman

Margaret L. Petito, Washington, DC

Alex J. Romero, Arizona

Wayne Roques, Florida

Geraldine Silverman, New Jersey

Monte Stiles, Idaho

Joan Bellm, Founder and Honorary Director, Illinois



Pat Barton, Florida
Daniel Bent, Esq., Hawaii
James M. Ch'ien, M.D., Hong Kong
Dr. Kachit Choopanya, Thailand
C. E. Edwards, Arizona
Chief Ruben Greenberg, South Carolina
Datuk Haji Idris Ibrahim, Dmsm Jsm, Malaysia
Jerry Johansen, Texas
Cliff Kincaid, Maryland
Lt. Col. (USA Ret.) Robert Maginnis, Washington, DC
Fred J. Payne, MD, Louisiana
Bill Oliver, Georgia
Maggie Petito, Washington, D.C.
David Risley, Esq., Illinois
Arlene Seal, Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Padma Talcherkar, M.D., FAAP, Illinois

Board of Directors Summary Bios


Joan Bellm has worked for over 20 years as a volunteer drug prevention specialist with numerous local, state, national, and international organizations and government agencies.She has developed volunteer communication networks at state, national, and international levels. She consulted with the United Nations in the development of a Non-Governmental drug prevention network. Ms Bellm is the founder of Illinois Drug Education Alliance, Drug Watch International, and the International Drug Strategy Institute. She is co-founder of the National Red Ribbon Campaign and past National Networker for the National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth. She is past Prevention Chairman of the Illinois Governor's Advisory Council and has served on the Advisory Boards of the Illinois Secretary of State and the Illinois Department of Transportation. Ms Bellm is editor of Drug Watch World News, an international publication, and she publishes a weekly drug information newspaper column. Joan Goldsby Bellm is listed in numerous "Who's Who" publications and in Outstanding People of the Twentieth Century, International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.



Mr. Coleman served thirty-two years as a Special Agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) before retiring in January 1998 as one of its top management officials. His career included progressively important permanent assignments in the United States and Europe. His domestic field service included assignments as Special Agent in Charge of three separate DEA Field Divisions and Associate Special Agent in Charge and Assistant Special Agent in Charge of two others. As Assistant Administrator for Operations, the third highest position in the DEA, Mr. Coleman supervised an annual operating budget of $816 million, and managed the activities of over 7,000 employees in 19 domestic divisions and 75 overseas offices. Mr. Coleman's career included extensive executive and policymaking experience at the uppermost levels of government service. Mr. Coleman began his career in 1965 as an entry-level undercover drug agent on the streets of New York City and went on to eventually hold several of the most important positions in the agency. From 1991 until retirement in 1998, Mr. Coleman served at the highest rank (SES-06) of the federal Senior Executive Service. From 1991 to 1994, Mr. Coleman served as the Assistant Administrator for Operations, the highest non-Presidentially appointed position in the DEA. John Coleman is President of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International.



President of BRAHA, Brazilian Humanitarians in Action, and General Director of Prevention of ABRAD, Brazilian Association on Alcohol and Drugs. Former Head of the Drug Prevention Bureau of the City of Rio de Janeiro and former Head of the Special Secretariat for the Prevention of Chemical Dependence of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Professor Seinfeld de Carakushansky was an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for 25 years. She has developed numerous drug prevention programs and over the last twelve years has coordinated more than sixty short intensive drug demand reduction seminars in most of Latin American Countries identifying key people and forging leadership in the area of drug prevention. Has authored texts and articles about Drug Prevention, Drugs and Human Rights, Legalization, and Preventive Cities. Has received numerous awards having been declared by Local Councils and Mayors as Honorary Visitor of Latin American Cities; in Brazil she has received the highest Rio de Janeiro City Award given by the City Council, the Pedro Ernesto Medal. The Rio der Janeiro State Congress declared her an Honorary Citizen and gave her the Tiradentes Medal because of her intensive work in drug prevention. Both the Military Police and the Municipal Guard of Rio de Janeiro bestowed her with their highest forma recognitions for her work in Drug Prevention. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of World Federation Against Drugs and a member and Special Advisor to the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy. She is the only non-born Brazilian named as a life member of the Brazilian Academy of Defense.



Susie Dugan is the Executive Director of PRIDE-Omaha, Inc., an organization that is recognized as a national leader in the Parent Drug Prevention Movement.? She attended Creighton University in Omaha, NE, and has 24 years experience as a drug Prevention Resource Specialist.? She helped establish and coordinate prevention organizations and coalitions at the local, state, and national levels.Ms. Dugan has conducted workshops, trainings, and seminars at national and international drug prevention conferences. She has presented over 1,650 programs to students, parents, and community leaders. Among her many awards and honors, Ms. Dugan was named the 1990 Nebraska Governor?s Drug Prevention Volunteer of the Year and received the 1993 FBI Director?s Community Service Leadership Award. Susie Dugan is the Director of the Drug Watch Communication?s Office and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International.



Terrence P. Farley graduated in 1966 from Rutgers University School of Law.  He was in private law practice until 1987, when he was appointed First Assistant Ocean County (New Jersey) Prosecutor.  In 1992, he became the Director of the National Drug Prosecution Center of the American Prosecutors Institute in Alexandria, Virginia.  In 1994, he was appointed Director of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice.  In 1997, he again became the First Assistant Prosecutor and Director of the Narcotics Strike Force for Ocean County.  In 2007, Mr. Farley retired from public service.  Today he is a private consultant, adjunct Professor at Ocean County College, and Drug and Alcohol Consultant for Toms River School District.  He has lectured on various aspects of narcotics law enforcement, drug demand reduction, gangs, and drugs.  His lectures have included State Police agencies, the Armed Forces, and the National Crime Prevention Council.  He is especially proud of his lectures for school children.  His articles on drug legalization, under-age drinking, Designer Club and Rave Drugs, The Great Medical Marijuana Hoax, Let's Call Them Party Drugs, and Beyond Convictions in the War On Drugs, have all been published.  Mr. Farley has been featured on television, including the Oprah Winfrey Club Drug Special.  Among his many awards are: Ocean County Man of the Year Ocean County Chiefs of Police; NJ Attorney General’s Award of Excellence in Law Enforcement; Ocean County Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Council Citizen of the Year, and in 2003, Mr. Farley was inducted into the Ocean County Hall of Excellence for Vocational and Technical Education.  Terrence P. Farley, Esq., is a member of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International.



Lt. Ed Moses has an A.S. degree in Criminal Justice.He has served with the U.S. Army Military Police in Germany, as a police officer with St. Louis, MO, and as a MO State Trooper during which time he was an undercover drug agent, and a Drug Information Officer. He retired as the Asst. Dir. of Training MSHP Academy, Administrator of the Drug Recognition Expert Program, and DARE State Administrator. Lt. Moses is an original board member of the National Federation of Parents, co-founder of Missouri Federation of Parents, and a nationally and internationally recognized presenter at drug prevention conferences. Lt. Ed Moses is Vice President-Secretary of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International.



Margaret L. Petito is the President of Friends of Rule of Law in Ecuador, Inc., a DC based organization that promotes anti-corruption reforms in Ecuador. She is Chairman of the Cultural Partnership of the Americas, and organization that supports historical research and cultural awareness between the Americas. Ms. Petito was a founding member of the DC Board of Directors for the NYUMBANI ORPHANAGE in Nairobi, Kenya, and served until 1999.Ms. Petito has held numerous government relations positions and was Program Development Officer for ACTION-VISTA Project Reach. She is past Director of External Relations for the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington, DC, and past Director of External Relations for the International Cancer Alliance, Bethesda, MD. Ms. Petito earned a BA in Social Science from Southern Methodist University where she was Co-leader of SMU Volunteer Services. She is currently in the Masters program at Georgetown University. Since 1992, Ms. Petito has been Public Policy Advisor to Drug Watch Internal and a member of the International Drug Strategy Institute, a division of Drug Watch International. Margaret L. Petito is a member of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International.



   Alex J. Romero has thirty plus years experience as a drug prevention activist against the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and all other drugs by our youth. He is an advocate for the high-risk children from dysfunctional family systems.
   Alex is 82 years old and the father of nine children, seventeen Grandchildren and four Great Grand Children. He lives with his wife Joan in Goodyear, AZ. He retired from Arizona State University after 19 years in the College of Engineering.
   The epidemic of substance abuse or “life abuse” by our youth and the grievous concerns for his own children and grandchildren prompted Alex to get involved in the battle against substance abuse at the grassroots level. It has taken Mr. Romero on a journey that has gained him respect and honor by his peers at the local, national and international level.
   Alex is one of the founding members of Arizonans for Drug Free Youth and Communities, Inc. (AFDFY&C, Inc.) which sponsors the Annual Red Ribbon Campaign in Arizona each year. He served as the Founding President of AFDFY&C, Inc. in 1986 and serves as the Executive Director at this time.
   Alex was instrumental in bringing primary prevention programs to the schools in his community, beginning in the early 1980’s as the founding President of the Glendale Chemical People Task Force on Adolescent Drug Abuse for which he served as President for six years.
   The Glendale Chemical People Task Force was responsible for bringing prevention programs to the Glendale Elementary School District and finding the seed money to pilot the program in the district. The Task Force became a viable grassroots organization under his leadership.
   Alex served as a member of the Arizona Department of Education School Chemical Abuse Prevention Interagency Committee (SCAPIC) that was responsible for developing the nine rules that were to become the mandates required by law for use in chemical abuse curriculum in all Arizona schools as indicated in A.R.S. 15-345. The Committee he served on also was responsible for developing the model policy and procedures offered as a guide to all districts in the state for use in their comprehensive, sequential prevention curriculum.
    Alex served as a member of the cadre of presenters that served the Governor of Arizona in establishing the Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs (GAAD) by presenting workshops around the state to promote membership of communities to GAAD. There are three representatives from each of the ten districts that were selected to be the liaisons to what is know today as the Statewide Alliance Council (SAC) which serve as advisors to the Governor through the Office of the Governor’s Division of Drug Policy.
   Alex also assisted the Arizona National Guard Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force (JCNTF) in developing a demand reduction prevention program aimed at high school and middle school students. He became an integral part of the development of what is known today as the Freedom Academy and has presented before several thousand young students and adults at retreats for the students.
   In 1994 he was invited by the United Nations International Drug Control Program and the United States Department of State for International Narcotics Matters to be a presenter and participant at the NGO World Forum on Demand Reduction in Bangkok, Thailand on December 12-16, 1994. The conference was hosted by the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand under Royal Patronage. There were 112 countries and more than 700 participants at the conference. He presented an overview on parenting skills and debated in opposition to the legalization of drugs.
   Earlier in 1994, Mr. Romero served as a participant in the National Drug Control Strategy Regional Development Conference, held in Pasadena, CA which was hosted by Dr. Lee Brown, the Drug Czar appointed by President Bill Clinton. The Administration was to address the demand reduction goals set forth in the National Drug Control Strategy which was an outcome of the Regional Development Conferences.
   In 1994 Alex was responsible for the starting the coalition to oppose Proposition 200 in Arizona, the initiative to medicalize Schedule 1 drugs (Medical marijuana Initiative), and continues to work in opposition to the most recent initiatives that were introduced by the pro-legalization lobby. 
   Alex continues today to champion the cause for children from dysfunctional families as an advocate against the legalization of all illicit drugs. He shares the trauma in his personal life and that of his family as the result of the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs by people that he cared for. Alex’s commitment to the prevention movement in this country is a very personal one.
   He is a professional volunteer and pays for much of what he does out of his own pocket and reaps the reward of knowing that sometimes, what he says, touches the life of someone who may just say “no” when given a choice to use alcohol, tobacco or drugs and  who may make an informed healthy choice as the result of having listened to Mr. Romero speak. His efforts and dedication have earned him the respect of many as a true agent of change.
1985 - Received the Arizonans for Prevention Community Award.
1986 - Received the honor of Outstanding Volunteer Work in the Field of Drug Prevention
1988 - CODAMA honored him with an award for Outstanding Leadership in the Field of Mental Health and Prevention.
1988 - Arizona Governor Rose Mofford presented him with the Outstanding Volunteer - Prevention Work Award
1988 - Nominated to and participated in the 1988 White House Conference for Drug Free America in New Mexico and Washington, DC as a delegate from Arizona.
1993 - Received the 12 Who Care - Hon Kachina Award for his work in the area of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse education and prevention for our youth.
1994 - Nominated to and participated in the 1994 NGO World Forum on Demand Reduction  in Bangkok, Thailand hosted by the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand under Royal Patronage and the United Nations International Drug Control Program (UNDCP) in the context of the United Nations Decade Against Drug Abuse.


Founding President/Executive Director; Arizonans for Drug Free Youth & Communities, Inc.
Board of Directors, Drug Watch International - Chairman, Nominating Committee 
Former Chairman, Board of Directors - National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Central and Northern Arizona
Member, Executive Committee - The Coalition for Tobacco Free Arizona (CTFA)
Vice President, Board of Directors, Arizonans Concerned About Smoking
Member - Keep Arizona Drug Free
Co Chairman, Phoenix for Smoke Free Workplaces
Founder, Coalition of Parents and Concerned Citizens Against Proposition 200
Advisor to the Office of National Drug Control Policy
Advisor to the International Association of Police Chiefs
Advisor to the Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration
Liaison to the Arizona Directorate of Methamphetamine Control
(June 2, 2012)



Wayne Roques is a retired (1995) Special Agent, US Drug Enforcement Administration. Mr. Roques was formerly a federal criminal investigator with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in New Orleans. He served on the New York Joint Task Force and was class coordinator for the Drug Enforcement Administration's 10 Week Police Academy in Washington, D.C. He served on the Vice President's Joint Task Force in Florida and was the Demand Reduction Coordinator for the Miami Field Division serving the Florida and Caribbean area. Mr. Roques has presented over a thousand demand reduction programs to schools, workplaces, civic groups, youth groups, treatment facilities, colleges, professional sports teams, and law enforcement agencies. He is a nationally and internationally published writer. Mr. Roques is a member of the International Drug Strategy Institute, a division of Drug Watch International. Wayne Roques is Past President of Drug Watch International, and he is a member of the Board of Directors.



Geraldine Silverman has been involved as a volunteer drug preventionist since 1978, when she founded Milburn (New Jersey) PTA Drug Awareness Committee and was Chairman from 1978 to 1986. She is a charter member of the National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth and founder of the New Jersey Federation for Drug Free Communities. Ms Silverman has presented at schools, churches, and community meetings in the tri-state area. She has been a guest speaker at numerous state and federal conferences, and including the New Jersey PTA, NJ Bureau of Narcotics, Georgia State University, and the New York School of Medicine. Ms Silverman has testified numerous times before state and federal Narcotics Subcommittees and served on New Jersey Governor Kean’s Drug Advisory Council. In 1989, she was appointed by the Mayor of Millburn Township to serve as Chairman of the newly formed Millburn Municipal Alliance for Drug Awareness, a position that she still holds today. Over the years, she has appeared on numerous radio talk shows and TV specials and has been quoted in major newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S. In 1996, Ms Silverman was the recipient of New Jersey Governor Whitman's "Volunteer of the Year Award," and in 2005, she was presented with the Millburn New Jersey Township "Outstanding Community Service Award." Geraldine Silverman is a member of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International.



Monte Stiles served his entire professional career of 28 years as a state and federal prosecutor. For 24 years, Monte was an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Idaho where he supervised the Organized Crime/Drug Enforcement Task Force – a group of agents and prosecutors who investigated and prosecuted high-­‐level drug trafficking organizations, including Los Angeles street gangs, drug cartels, and international drug smuggling and money laundering operations. Working closely with foreign, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Monte has traveled extensively, including multiple trips to Hong Kong and Thailand, and travel to Fiji, Canada, and Europe. In 1995, Monte completed a six-­‐month detail for the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. where he served as Special Counsel to the Director of the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys. His primary assignments involved domestic terrorism, violent crime, juvenile justice, and narcotics. As a result of his expertise, Monte has taught advanced narcotics and money laundering for the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina. He has also been an instructor at numerous international crime seminars, teaching prosecutors, judges, and police officers from Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Montenegro, and Croatia.
One of his proudest personal and career achievements was the organization and implementation of the statewide "Enough is Enough” anti-­‐drug campaign which produced community coalitions in every area of Idaho. In addition to the prosecution of drug traffickers, Monte has been a passionate drug educator and motivational speaker for schools, businesses, churches, law enforcement agencies, and other youth and parent organizations.
Throughout his career, Monte has been recognized by various groups for his role in drug prosecutions, drug education, and other community service, including: (1989) an award from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in “recognition of dedication and commitment to the effective enforcement of criminal statutes relating to financial crimes”; (1990) the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement Director’s Award for “exceptional contributions to Idaho’s drug enforcement efforts”; (1995) the United States Department of Justice award for volunteer service in the community; (1996) the Attorney General’s Award for Participation in Litigation; (1997) the Boise River Festival “Pride of Boise” award; (1998) the Organized Crime/Drug Enforcement Task Force award for “outstanding efforts that have materially contributed to the attainment of the highest standards of cooperative law enforcement and justice in the United States of America”; (1999) the Organized Crime/Drug Enforcement Task Force award for “outstanding support, leadership and dedication to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Program”; (2001) the Association of Idaho Cities Boyd A. Martin award “in recognition of exceptional contributions benefitting city governments in Idaho”; the “Seven’s Heroes” award presented by KTVB (NBC’s affiliate television station in Idaho); (2007) recognition from Drug Free Idaho for work in drug prevention and education; (2009) a national Organized Crime/Drug Enforcement Task Force award for Operation Northern Passage; and (2011) the Idaho State Bar Professionalism Award for “outstanding cooperation, respect, diligence, candor and competence" in the practice of law.
Monte received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. He served a two-­‐year LDS mission in Korea before completing his law degree at J. Reuben Clark Law School in 1982. In his personal life, Monte served for ten years as a commissioner on the Boise Parks and Recreation Board, as a Scoutmaster, Varsity Scout Advisor, and Explorer Post advisor for the Boy Scouts of America, a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, a board member of Drug Free Idaho, and as an adjunct professor in the Criminal Justice Department of Boise State University.
Because of Monte’s passion for nature and wildlife photography, his images have been featured on the cover of magazines and in articles about the great outdoors, which has led to other opportunities as a highly sought-­‐after speaker on the subject of photography, with presentations in Phoenix, Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Portland, Oregon, Hudson, Massachusetts, and many other states.
In April 2011, Monte left government service to devote all of his time to motivational speaking, youth leadership conferences, drug education, law enforcement and corporate training, and nature photography. Monte and his wife Sandi live in Boise, Idaho. They are the proud parents of five children and nine grandchildren.

Jeanette McDougal is a retired (6/01) certified drug use and violence prevention teacher from St. Paul (MN) Public School District. A teacher, spanning 45 years, pre-kindergarten through university level.  Wrote drug abuse prevention curriculum.
    Jeanette taught most recently at the elementary level and taught at the secondary level for many years.
    She was asked to confer with high school staff and students regarding the issue of "industrial Cannabis hemp," an issue she has been actively studying since 1993.  In addition has conferred with law-enforcement and legislators all over the country about the issue as well. 
    Also was a staff person for over 10 years in chemical dependency treatment facilities with duties ranging from office management to coordination of patients' post-treatment vocational/educational plans.  Much of her work in treatment facilities involved working with adolescents in a halfway house setting.
   Currently Chair, Drug Watch International Hemp Committee and Director, National Alliance for Health and Safety, Atlantic Beach, FL.  She continually networks nationally and internationally regarding drug use prevention.
   Served as Secretary of the Washington/Ramsey County (MN) Farm Bureau for 3 years, and was a voting Member of the Minnesota Farm Bureau.  Currently a member of the Arkansas Farm Bureau. 
   Awarded the PRIDE international Youth program, Connie and Otto Moulton Drug Fighter of the Decade Award (April 2005, Cincinnati, Ohio).
   Mother and grandmother with a strong commitment to helping insure a drug-free world for my family and others.


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William R. (Bill) Walluks worked at the Wisconsin Department of Justice for thirty three years researching drugs, crime, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system. His last thirteen years were spent analyzing and reporting on drug problems and developing prevention materials as Chief of Strategic Intelligence in the Division of Narcotics Enforcement. He is retired and now operates the Center for Effective Drug Abuse Research & Statistics (C.E.D.A.R.S.) as a volunteer to provide assistance to drug preventionists and law enforcement.
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