Marijuana, A Historical Perspective - English



C. E. Edwards March 2006

During the past decade, the United States has been experiencing renewed efforts to change perceptions of marijuana from that of a dangerous, addictive drug of abuse1 to one where the message is that marijuana is a medicine that treats illnesses. The individual state ‘medicalization’ efforts, in contravention of federal law and international treaties, are dedicated to normalizing and eventually legalizing the use of marijuana and other drugs.2

The foundations of public policy should be built upon valid research findings and available historical experience. Therefore, it is appropriate to review the experiences of U. S. states and other countries that have embraced the message that marijuana is a harmless herb and a medicine. Inherent within the consideration of any change in public policy is a responsibility to arrive at an effective public policy based upon considerations for long-term impact of such a policy change.

United States Historical overview:
About the year 1900, between 2% and 5% of adults in the U.S. were addicted to drugs - many to morphine which was commonly found in medications. Reductions in the addiction rate were 

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Marijuana, A Historical Perspective - English