Mission, Philosophy & Principles


The illegal or harmful use of psychoactive or addictive drugs is a major threat to all world communities and to future generations. Drug Watch International is a network of prevention experts and community volunteers from a wide range of professions whose mission is to help assure a healthier and safer world through drug prevention efforts by: providing accurate information on both illicit and harmful psychoactive substances; promoting sound drug policies based on scientific research; and opposing efforts to legalize or decriminalize drugs.



Drug abuse prevention is the most effective, humane, and cost effective way of addressing the consequences of illegal, harmful and mind altering drugs in our society. Prevention works and needs to be reinforced, enhanced, and expanded.

Effective prevention can take place only with positive societal norms which embrace and support healthy drug-free attitudes, environment, and activities, while reinforcing nonacceptance toward the presence of drugs and destructive behavior. These societal norms must be reflected in the accountability and enforcement of legal, medical, educational, community, and personal standards

All parts of the local and global communities need to unite the strengths of professional expertise, generational wisdom and individual commitment to combat the drug problem as we strive together toward a healthier world.



  • Support clear messages and standards of no illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, (including "no use" under legal age) and no abuse of legal drugs or substances for adults or youth.
  • Support comprehensive and coordinated approaches that include prevention, education, law enforcement, research, and treatment in addressing issues regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Support strong laws and meaningful legal penalties that hold users and dealers accountable for their actions.
  • Support the requirement that any medical use of psychoactive or addictive drugs meet the current criteria required of all other therapeutic drugs.
  • Support adherence to the scientific research standards and ethics that are prescribed by the world scientific community and professional associations in conducting studies and reviews on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (without exception to illicit drugs).
  • Support efforts to prevent availability and use of drugs, and oppose policies and programs that accept drug use based erroneously on reduction or minimization of harm.
  • Support International Treaties and Agreements, including international sanctions and penalties against drug trafficking, and oppose attempts to weaken international drug policies and laws.
  • Support efforts to halt the legalization/decriminalization of drugs.
  • Support the freedom and rights of individuals without jeopardizing the stability, health, and welfare of society.